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May 1-3, 2007: (Event was hosted May 3rd, 2007 at NIT campus). Training Workshop on the Repair and Retrofitting of Vernacular Structures in Kashmir. Organized by UNESCO, UNDP and State Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Institute of Management and Public Administration and Rural development, M.A. Road, Srinagar

Feb 15, 2005: Kashmir and power generation is the theme of discussion going on under FORUM Business Oppurtunities.FORUM subtopic Computer Center under Campus News might interest some alumni folks.Alumni interested about GATE exams should check discussion under FORUM Alumni Helpline topic GATE.

Feb 14,2005: Check discussion about environmental degradation in Kashmir and how alumni can contribute towards environmental awareness under FORUM REC Reminiscence and topic Grandeur of Zabarwan. Also, see more job postings under FORUM Alumni Helpline.

Feb 5,2005: New open job positions posted under FORUM Alumni Helpline topic Job Postings.Positions are in San Francisco Bay Area and Denver,Colorado.

Jan 28,2005: FORUM ETHICS posted under ANNOUNCEMENTS. Please keep forum ethics in mind while posting on FORUM.

Jan 11,2005 : More on Job Postings under FORUM Alumni Helpline...IBM India has job openings.Browse SMA 2005 Masters and PhD under FORUM Alumni Helpline for higher education oppurtunities.

Jan 9,2005 : If interested in sports at REC(NIT),check cricket related topic under FORUM REC reminiscence

Jan 8,2005 : New FORUM Academics & Technology is available now.More open positions posted under FORUM Alumnu Helpline Topic Job Postings

Jan 7,2005 : Check the discussion going on under FORUM IT in Kashmir and topic Future looks bright

Jan 6,2005 : For those interested in studying in USA,check the article regarding GMAT and scholarship in USA posted under FORUM Alumnu Helpline

Jan 6,2005 : Open positions for freshers posted in FORUM Alumnu Helpline Topic Job Postings

Jan 5, 2005 : Number of registered members doubled in last two weeks to total of 120

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